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Next Meeting

View the Board Meeting Agenda for the next meeting.

Meetings are generally regularly held on the third Monday of the month. Occasionally, special meetings must be called due to matters of urgency, timing, or statutory requirements. Notice of all meetings is generally posted on the Graton Post Office bulletin board and on the GCSD website "Graton.org".

Meeting sites vary, but most recently have been held at the Graton Labor Center, 1829 Bowen Street, Graton CA. This site is ADA-accessible. Meetings usually begin at 6PM and end around 8PM. There is off-street parking adjacent to the Center.
Meetings are open to the public, but occasionally sensitive matters are discussed in a "closed" session during which the public must excuse itself. Closed sessions deal with personnel, contractual matters, and real estate. The Board is not obligated to reveal in any detail the subjects discussed in closed sessions but does report out any action taken, immediately after the closed session is over.

Each meeting generally opens with the opportunity for the public to ask questions or raise concerns. It is the duty of the Board to listen to these comments, but there is no statutory obligation to engage in a dialogue on the subject matter brought up. However, in the Board's discretion, new matters deemed to be of value and/or in need of further action can be agendized for a subsequent meeting. Public comments are limited in time to three (3) minutes per person.

As this is written in September 2013, meetings are mostly held at the Graton Labor Center, 1829 Bowen Street, Graton, CA. When the construction of the new plant is completed, estimated to be in the early part of 2014, meetings will be held at the plant itself in the new office building. The address of the plant is 250 Ross Lane, Graton, CA. Because of the narrowness of the access lane and since part of the access "road" is actually on the multi-use/bicycle path, down to the plant entrance, attendees are asked to drive no more than 5MPH, to yield to all pedestrians, runners, and cyclists, and certainly to carpool if possible.

The telephone number at the plant is 707 823 1542.