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General Manager

The position of General Manager is not only that of a technician; it is that of a businessman, a process-engineer, a fundraiser, a supervisor, and scientist. It helps to also be a politician, or at least conversant with local politics.

As a supervisor, our GM oversees a paid staff of certified wastewater-treatment operators (3 at the present time), assistance in the form of 3 aides ( our financial officer, our grant-writer/PR person, and our hardworking office admin-assistant/magician). Further, the GM supervises a rotating cadre of unpaid interns: adult students who seek future employment in this field while undertaking their required academic studies. Under the GM's tutelage, they get first-hand on-the-job training in the many facets of a treatment plant's operation.

As a businessman, our GM participates in the most valuable of traits, that of obtaining funding over and above the funds generated by property taxes. The GCSD has received low-interest loans, high-value grants, and state-supported no-repayment loans worth over $11,000,000, for the restoration of our plant.

As a process-engineer and scientist, the GM must be a chemist and a biologist, an environmentalist, and often also a geologist. The task of turning sewerage into potable water is a long and complex process; it requires a State certification of Grade 3 (our current GM is certified at Grade 5, the highest there is). As the GCSD new plant is currently under construction, being familiar with construction management is a great asset.

The General Manager is employed under terms of an "Agreement for Professional Services" dated March 2012 with Industrial Wastewater Solutions, the dba of his firm, as a "Consultant".