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About GCSD

The Graton Community Services District (GCSD) provides wastewater treatment to the unincorporated Graton area, including a community of about 1,700 rural residents living in 450 homes, as well as a few businesses. The district provides reclaimed water to some agricultural producers in the area, in order to offset demand from groundwater and from streams in the Atascadero/Green Valley Creek watershed. No other water is provided to area residents as all are served through their own private wells. All residences in the district's service area are required to be connected to the sewer district; no private septic tanks or mound systems are allowed, with few exceptions. Residents and property owners are encouraged to inform themselves about their responsibilities for maintaining functioning systems including backflow prevention and maintenance of private laterals within the district. More key information can be found here. New sewer hook-ups are available in limited numbers within the capacity constraints of the district for an initial fee of $10,352. Annual rates for sewer treatment are currently $1,574.37 and are collected on the property tax bill though Sonoma County.