Board Members

David Clemmer


Dave has lived in Sebastopol since 1964 and he and his family have lived in Graton since 2007. As a new community member he became aware of the Graton Community Services District (GCSD) and began attending public meetings in 2010. During this time, he became concerned about the fiscal sustainability of the District and began asking hard questions at the meetings as a concerned community member.

Dave bring 40+ years as a retired ASE Certified Master Heavy Equipment Mechanic and extensive expertise in assessing equipment and reading blueprints to his role with the District. Dave began exploring various waste water treatment plant models and touring several within California. In talking general managers from throughout the region he learned of options which he shared with GCSD to determine if other models could benefit the local sewer district.

Sworn in as a board member January 2015, Dave was elected Board President in August 2015. Today, Dave brings his knowledge and his interest in learning from others to his role as GCSD Board President. As a new Board member, Dave’s focus was on improving the fiscal health of the District which had a budget deficit of nearly $450,000.

Today with a balanced budget, Dave now focuses on rekindling relationships with neighboring districts and identifying opportunities for collaboration, always with an eye on fiscal responsibility. Going forward Dave will continue to actively collaborate with GCSD General Manager and Treatment Plant Operators while knowing that his role is to represent Graton residents while ensuring fiscal sustainability, transparency and environmental stewardship for GCSD.

Devin Lee Drew


Devin grew up in Sonoma County and came to Graton in 2016 via San Diego, Querétaro, Barcelona, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

Devin studied Biochemistry and Information Systems and works in software for analytical instruments including mass spectrometers. Not only is he interested in the physics, chemistry, mechanics, environmental interactions, and organization of a sustainable water treatment system, on the board Devin also supports smart financial management in the interest of the Graton Community of Sonoma County.

Karin Lease



Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts/University of Md. 1968
Classes at SRJC included metal smithing, machine shop, photo shop, painting, ongoing
certification in Permaculture @OAEC 2009
School of Life

Board Experience

Sebastopol Farmers’ Market
Vegoil Coop
Biofuels Research Cooperative


In 2005 I had a life threatening illness, including brain surgery.

The community of Graton and Sebastopol cared for me every day until I fully recovered. Since then, I have looked for and found ways to contribute to my community. Serving on the Board of Directors of the GCSD is my latest work.

When I serve on boards, I tend to be most interested in community outreach and serving the environment.

In this case, I am dedicated to natural resource conservation, reducing/eliminating the use of toxic chemicals and maintaining a clean wastewater treatment process and property. I have been the driving force for the elimination of glyphosate based chemicals used in the control of unwanted vegetation at the treatment plant.

I’m also involved in the production of the newsletter.

Matthew Johnson


Matt Johnson moved to Graton in 2010 and is no stranger to small town life. He grew up in Lathrop, CA and lived in a small town in South Dakota for 5 years. In March 2015 he was elected to the GCSD board. He hoped to help turn the board in a more positive direction. Matt was the board vice president for several years and has been on past and present Ad-HOC committees. He takes his board position seriously and understands the importance of allocation of public funds. He is currently the maintenance supervisor at a large manufacturing plant in Santa Rosa, California, and brought an industrial mechanical perspective to the board from a long career in industrial manufacturing.

He is proud to be a part of this district’s continued improvements and current solid footing that has been established in recent years. His aim is to help keep the board fiscally responsible and provide continued excellent service to the rate payers.